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The name is Greek Platon, properly “broad-shouldered” from platys “broad;” see plaice n. His original name was Aristocles. The meaning “love free of sensual desire” s , which the word usually carries nowadays, is a Renaissance notion; it is based on Plato’s writings in “Symposium” about the kind of interest Socrates took in young men, which originally had no reference to women. The Menexenus has more the character of a rhetorical exercise than any other of the Platonic works. There is a twofold difficulty in apprehending this aspect of the Platonic writings. And there he would sing to Dulcinea, his platonic and only love. The style and plan of the Timaeus differ greatly from that of any other of the Platonic dialogues. The Platonic doctrine of reminiscence is then adduced as a confirmation of the pre-existence of the soul. No arrangement of the Platonic dialogues can be strictly chronological. In some respects the dialogue differs from any other Platonic composition.

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No wonder so many people are single. A few years ago, I spoke to a group of high-schoolers about the Jewish idea of love. I’ll define it, and you raise your hands if you agree. Love is that feeling you get when you meet the right person. And I thought, Oy.

A Romantic, Platonic Love. We stood there at the end of the night with our arms wrapped around each other. When he pulled away he couldn’t speak and had to excuse himself to get into his house.

A Socratic relationship, in which you ask a lot of really difficult questions of the other person until they get annoyed and want to poison you. I have a lot of those. A Hegelian relationship, in which the two parties disagree about everything but eventually achieve a synthesis. Come to think of it, I have a lot of those, too. An Aristotalean relationship, characterized by an extreme interest in what category of relationship this is.

A Cartesian relationship, characterized by doubts about whether there’s really a relationship going on. A more extreme version of this is the Berkeleyan relationship, characterized by an adamant insistence that there is no relationship going on at all. Both of these can in time evolve into a Wittgensteinian relationship, in which the participants acknowledge that whether there’s a “real relationship” is an ill-defined question that depends more on the structure of their language than on the reality of the relationship.

An Aquinian relationship, that acknowledges that an exploration of the nature of the relationship is likely to strengthen rather than weaken it. A Hobbesian relationship — solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Can Men And Women Be “Just” Friends?

Ancient sources frequently describe “Platonists” as those philosophers who further developed the known or presumed teaching of Plato himself and “Academics” as those who pursued the skeptical methodology believed to have been initiated by the Socrates of Plato’s earlier dialogues. However, the substantive “Platonism” seems first to occur in scholarly literature only around the beginning of the eighteenth century when it was used to characterize doctrines that were not only derived from but also combined with Plato’s own teaching by later exegetes.

In order to apply this relatively modern usage of the term “Platonism” legitimately to the history of Western philosophy in general, it is useful to distinguish between:

Platonic solids are the three-dimensional analog of regular polygons, and prove to be far more interesting. Platonic solids are bounded by regular polygons, all of the same size and shape.

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Problems in metaphysics To give a comprehensive account of the main problems of metaphysics in the space of a few pages is clearly quite impossible. What follows is necessarily highly selective and to that extent misleading; it, nevertheless, attempts to offer an introduction to metaphysical thinking itself rather than reflection on the nature of metaphysics. Pythagoras conceived what is there in terms not of matter but of intelligible structure; it was the latter that gave each type of thing its distinctive character and made it what it was.

The idea that structure could be understood in numerical terms was probably suggested to Pythagoras by his discovery that there are exact correlations between the lengths of the strings of a lyre and the notes they produce. By a bold extrapolation he seems to have surmised that what held in this case must hold in all cases. Each Form was a genuine existent, in the sense of being precisely what it pretended to be; the Form of Beauty , for example, was beautiful through and through.

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April 1, As I think of myself as asexual, this is what I thought was strange: I in no way shape or form want to have sexual relations with her, the farthest I would probably ever go is something like kissing on the mouth, which she wouldn’t do anyway heterosexual. So why was I disappointed? I mean, I had never thought about it before for obvious reasons, and I don’t really think I would, but Sorry, this is more of me pouring out my current thoughts than a real question, but, I mean

Patook is an app and website that allows you to make strictly platonic friends with people nearby who share your interests. No flirting allowed.

Parmenides, Theaetetus, Phaedrus c. Transmission of Plato’s Works Except for the Timaeus, all of Plato’s works were lost to the Western world until medieval times, preserved only by Moslem scholars in the Middle East. In Henri Estienne whose Latinized name was Stephanus published an edition of the dialogues in which each page of the text is separated into five sections labeled a, b, c, d, and e. The standard style of citation for Platonic texts includes the name of the text, followed by Stephanus page and section numbers e.

Scholars sometimes also add numbers after the Stephanus section letters, which refer to line numbers within the Stephanus sections in the standard Greek edition of the dialogues, the Oxford Classical texts. Other Works Attributed to Plato a. Spuria Several other works, including thirteen letters and eighteen epigrams, have been attributed to Plato. These other works are generally called the spuria and the dubia.

The spuria were collected among the works of Plato but suspected as frauds even in antiquity. The dubia are those presumed authentic in later antiquity, but which have more recently been doubted. Ten of the spuria are mentioned by Diogenes Laertius at 3. Five of these are no longer extant: Five others do exist: To the ten Diogenes Laertius lists, we may uncontroversially add On Justice, On Virtue, and the Definitions, which was included in the medieval manuscripts of Plato’s work, but not mentioned in antiquity.

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BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing I think a lot about living a creative, expressed life and the ways we relate and connect with each other. Follow me on http: That night he texted, apologizing for stumbling over his words and that he loved me. Earlier that same night he told me that he had just started dating a lovely woman that seemed like his complete match. Perhaps I stepped back to mitigate the inevitable feeling of loss from our friendship changing.

We met a few years prior to that night through a mutual friend at a party and quickly clicked.

Dan and Phil (Danisnotonfire & Amazingphil) The tend to be Platonic Soulmates, therefore these are generallyn’t “Dating soulmates” but Platonic soulmates, since they aren’t internet dating, but close men and women have a plantonic buddy, and everyone could be a platonic buddy.

Deeper still penetrates his insight that symmetry defines structure. Plato sensed enormous potential in the fact that asking for perfect symmetry leads one to discover a small number of possible structures. Based on that foundation, and a few clues from experience, the outlandish synthesis that his philosophy suggested should be possible, to realize the World as Ideas, might be achievable.

And clues were there to be found: Near-coincidence between the number of perfect solids five and the number of suspected elements four ; suggestions of how observed qualities might reflect underlying shapes e. One must also admire the boldness of genius in seeing an apparent defect in the theory—five solids for four elements—as an opportunity for crowning creation, either with the Universe as a whole Plato or with space itself Aristotle. Modern physicists, when seeking equations to describe the unfamiliar laws of the microcosm, must make guesses based on fragmentary information.

Optimistically—and lacking constructive alternatives—they have turned, as Plato did, to symmetry as their guide.

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Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word platonic love. Attested in Platonic Lovers by. Earlier coined in in the 15th century as amor platonicus by Florentine scholar originally in letter to Alamanno Donati, later expounded in , based on his interpretation of the Symposium by , specifically the speech by , relating the thoughts of.

A platonic relationship will only work if it’s based on two people seeing eye to eye. If you do not feel like your friend’s equal, you need to question what’s going wrong. Unrequited love is a painful thing to experience, whether it’s you who’s experiencing it or your companion.

Philosophical interpretation[ edit ] Platonic love is examined in Plato’s dialogue, the Symposium , which has as its topic the subject of love or Eros generally. It explains the possibilities of how the feeling of love began and how it has evolved—both sexually and non-sexually. Of particular importance is the speech of Socrates , who attributes to the prophetess Diotima an idea of platonic love as a means of ascent to contemplation of the divine.

The step of this ascent is known as the “Ladder of Love”. For Diotima, and for Plato generally, the most correct use of love of human beings is to direct one’s mind to love of divinity. Socrates defines love based on separate classifications of pregnancy to bear offspring ; pregnancy of the body, pregnancy of the soul, and direct connection to Being.

Pregnancy of the body results in human children. Pregnancy of the soul, the next step in the process, produces ” virtue ” — which is the soul truth translating itself into material form.


Ontological status[ edit ] In his dialogues Plato suggests that concrete beings acquire their essence through their relations to ” Forms “—abstract universals logically or ontologically separate from the objects of sense perception. These Forms are often put forth as the models or paradigms of which sensible things are “copies”. When used in this sense, the word form is often capitalized. Typical examples of Forms given by Plato are largeness, smallness, equality, unity, goodness, beauty and justice.

platonic dating site platonic dating definition: platonic dating site. % free dating site mature singles and woman without the same vein as at platonic major platonic section but there are thousands of is probable that these people were advanced in art before the d or not, resolves itself into another question, whether if ye forgive not men.

Relationships Are men incapable of having platonic relationships with women? We say that sex is always on the male mind, so does that mean any heterosexual man who calls a woman his friend is operating with ulterior motives, asks Gareth May Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal struggle with platonic friendship in When Harry Met Sally By Gareth May 9: No Christmas card for you … But is she right? Are heterosexual men hard-wired to try to bonk every woman in sight — including their so-called platonic mates?

A recent study has revealed that most people think a little bit better of us menfolk than Mr. Researchers at The University of Alabama surveyed college students and found that both genders are equally optimistic about men and women being platonic friends. However, the findings also revealed that both sexes assume the majority 63pc of cross-gender friendships involve some kind of secret romantic interest, and that the sex more likely to try it on was — you’ve guessed it — the man 61pc vs 54pc.

What Is Love?

In addition, platonic love between friends is another cause for celebration. Platonic love is a special emotional and spiritual relationship between two people who love and admire one another because of common interests, a spiritual connection, and similar worldviews. It does not involve any type of sexual involvement. Most friendships begin as either personal or professional.

Plato is one of the world’s best known and most widely read and studied philosophers. He was the student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle, and he wrote in the middle of the fourth century B.C.E. in ancient Greece. Though influenced primarily by Socrates, to the extent that Socrates is.

By Emma Gray The number of users online dating sites like Match. But would you use a matchmaking site to find female friends? The New York Times reported that more women are doing just that. Several sites have cropped up in the past five years to facilitate platonic meetups. The majority of them cater specifically to women. The Times took a closer look at three such sites in particular: The Times reported that the majority of the thousands of women using these type of friendship-seeking sites are going through a period of transition in their lives — such as a move or a divorce — that might make creating new friendships more difficult.

I heard from so many women on their own BFF searches because friends had moved, or their pals got married and had kids and suddenly had less free time, or because they wanted to settle down and their besties were still looking to party all the time. Some very special friendships last forever, but plenty of them run their course. As life changes, our friendship needs change, too. What do you think?

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