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Jenny Peters Look beyond the headlines and you’ll find the Great Barrier Reef still has life in it, says Jenny Peters, who’s just back from a visit Monday 10 July And in fact, as travellers who still have not ticked it off their bucket list will be happy to hear, locals on the ground say that there is plenty of life left in the world’s largest barrier reef. That is notwithstanding the back-to-back bleaching events that occurred along the reef in and , in which the waters that envelope this natural wonder not only overheated but stayed hot through winter, effectively stopping the coral from spawning which is how it reproduces and thrives. Adding in the effects of Cyclone Debbie, which made landfall in the Whitsunday Islands and at Airlie Beach in March this year, and there is no doubt that the reef has been taking a battering lately. Remember, when you are talking about something as large as the Great Barrier Reef, you are talking about something bigger than the United Kingdom. It includes 3, coral reefs, continental islands, coral cays, 1, types of fish and much more. Its sheer vastness is one of the reasons Baird insists the reef is hanging tough, despite the well-publicised hits it has recently taken. So the effects are really patchy on an individual basis. It is bouncing back.

Great Barrier Reef: Reports of its demise have been exaggerated, claim locals

Comments Tim Calver Florida’s Panhandle and Gulf Coast is a seascape of wrecks, towers and ledges, all brimming with supersized fish. Just miles off some of the Panhandle’s coast hundreds of ships and artificial reef structures dot the ocean floor. Off Florida’s west coast, several coastal communities have enacted aggressive artificial reef programs, sinking everything from ships and barges to demolished bridge sections and decommissioned military vehicles – including the largest sunken warship in the world, the foot U.

Linked together by a netherworld of flooded caves, there are hundreds of springs flowing from the forest floor of north Florida. Here in the heart of what natives like to call “the real Florida,” you’re never far from a dozen or so of the best freshwater dives in the state.

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The recorded history of the middle and southern regions is dominated by Caracol , an urban political centre that may have supported over , people. Chetumal province , which encompassed the area around Corozal Bay ; Dzuluinicob province , which encompassed the area between the New River and the Sibun River , west to Tipu ; and a southern territory controlled by the Manche Ch’ol Maya, encompassing the area between the Monkey River and the Sarstoon River. English and Scottish settlers and pirates known as the Baymen entered the area from the 17th century, with Baymen first settling on the coast of what is now Belize in , seeking a sheltered region from which they could attack Spanish ships see English settlement in Belize.

The settlers established a trade colony and port in what became the Belize District , [20] and during the 18th century, established a system using black slaves to cut logwood Haematoxylum campechianum trees. This yielded a valuable fixing agent for clothing dyes, [21] and was one of the first ways to achieve a fast black before the advent of artificial dyes. The Spanish granted the British settlers the right to occupy the area and cut logwood in exchange for their help suppressing piracy.

Before then the British government had not recognized the settlement as a colony for fear of provoking a Spanish attack. The delay in government oversight The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. December Learn how and when to remove this template message allowed the settlers to establish their own laws and forms of government. During this period, a few successful settlers gained control of the local legislature, known as the Public Meeting, as well as of most of the settlement’s land and timber.

The Battle of St.

Easy Dive Sites For Beginner Scuba Divers

Choose from wrecks dating back to Napoleonic times or World War II, or dive the Camp Bay Artificial Reef Project, boasting vast schools of boxfish, damselfish and Anthias, as well as pipefish, Atlantic Torpedo rays, octopus and cuttlefish. Sank in following an explosion, she now sits upright in 34 metres of water. Mount Olivet 22m Cannon Pile 27m A large collection of steel cannon believed to have come from a Spanish siege barge circa Home to a profusion of colourful marine life, from gorgonians and fanworms to spider crabs and lobsters.

Covered in Anthias and damselfish, this wreck — the largest in Gibraltar — is excellent for photography.

TAKE YOUR PADI SCUBA CERTIFICATION ONLINE Purchase a PADI eLearning course for yourself and complete the classroom portion at your own pace – anytime, anywhere.

The wreck is well scattered over a wide area due to the various salvage operations carried out over the years. The boilers lie at 98 feet 30 metres deep and deepest part of the site lies at feet 40 metres. While a very interesting wreck to dive, it is not to be taken lightly. It is not a dive for the inexperienced and careful planning must be made beforehand. It can be dived any time irrespective of tides but weather conditions are a major factor because of its location.

The year will bring major changes to diving the wreck when it falls into the year historical wreck legislation. When this happens, a licence from the department will be required to dive the wreck. The story of the SS Laurentic is somewhat unique in that it has earned a place in history but the final chapter has yet to be written. It was laid by the Dominion Line steamship company and its original name was the Alberta.

Before completion, it was taken over by the White Star Line and by the time it was launched on the 29th April , it represented the very latest in shipping technology and was renamed SS Laurentic. The launch of the Laurentic It was 14, tons, with a length of feet and a beam of 67 feet. It was powered by two, four-cylinder triple expansion steam turbine engines driving three propellers, giving it a top speed of Its maiden voyage was from Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal , remaining on the American run for a number of years, and offering luxury, comfort and reliability to the many thousands who travelled on it leading up to the First World War.

Scuba diving

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Scuba Diving Is Transformational Has scuba diving changed your life? A recently released research study conducted by researchers at East Carolina University working with Outside Magazine showed the motivation for adventure travelers has changed from a former study completed in

One diver into 2, different reefs, in , square miles of ocean, with islands to explore and 1, fish species to encounter. The GBR is the grandest structure made by any living things — in this case, billions of microscopic coral polyps. It’s a common misperception that this slice of blue heaven is over-dived. The Australian government, which oversees the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, protects most of the treasured waters, so everyone can dive in.

So how do you dive the GBR? Not in a two-tanker, not from the shore and definitely not by schlepping your gear every day for a week onto day boats. Instead, take a week or two on a live-aboard out of Cairns and cruise the reefs, or pick an island resort or two, such as one on the Whitsunday Islands, far from shore. While Cairns has about 20 reefs within a couple hours’ boat ride, you can’t get as far as Ribbon Reefs, which boasts must-dive spots like Cod Hole, with its giant potato cod encounters, or Steve’s Bommie, near Lizard Island, where you can join the thick fish traffic, or watch for lionfish or nudibranchs, in a day.

If you’re craving the adventure of being even farther from shore, book a live-aboard trip to the Coral Sea, for its wall diving and shark feeding at Osprey Reef, or to the Far Northern region of the GBR, where green turtles are plentiful. And if you’re all about the big animal encounters, you’ll definitely want to head to Ribbon Reefs in June and July when curious dwarf minke whales migrate there from Antarctica and converge around dive boats and divers alike.

Even if you’re an old salt returning to the GBR and think you’ve dived it all, think again.

Diving in Europe

This is a unique opportunity to visit Boa Vista in one day, by boat. Adventure Tours Destination Fact File Reefs, caves and wrecks set around some amazing underwater topography. Cape Verde was discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, when the islands were uninhabited and there was no evidence of previous settlement. However, by the late 15th century settlement had already begun and today it is an up and coming popular tourist destination.

This is thanks to its spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful deserted beaches. This country offers historical mystery of colonial style towns like Ribeira Grande the first European City in the tropics.

DIVE SITES A varied sea-life also makes for some interesting discoveries. Sea slug Scorpion fish Nudibranch THE CHRISTINA: The Christina is a 50 metre-long ferryboat that sank during the winter of into splendid Myrtos Bay.

Learn more Deep Sea Fishing Activities in Aruba Land yourself a beautiful catch and hop aboard one of many deep sea fishing charters in Aruba that hunt for game fish. Learn more Discover Aruba below sea level! The best snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean is available right here on the One happy island. Scuba diving in Aruba is a unique experience, offering you the chance of meeting the most colorful varieties of sea creatures and exploring a whole new side of Aruba through our marine life.

Aruba scuba diving is perfect for expert divers and new divers alike, with a variety of classes on offer to teach you how to get the most out of your underwater experience. Entering the enchanted underwater world is easy; strap on a mask with a snorkel and swim out from the shore. A variety of popular boat tours are also available to take you on an unforgettable snorkeling experience, making stops at the finest snorkeling locations in Aruba, including the famous shipwreck, the Antilla, dating back to the Second World War.

England Scuba Diving

Rebreather Less common are closed circuit CCR and semi-closed SCR rebreathers which, unlike open-circuit sets that vent off all exhaled gases, process all or part of each exhaled breath for re-use by removing the carbon dioxide and replacing the oxygen used by the diver. Rebreathers are more complex and more expensive than open-circuit scuba, and special training and correct maintenance are required for them to be safely used, due to the larger variety of potential failure modes.

Minimising the inert gas loading of the diver’s tissues for a given dive profile reduces the decompression obligation. This requires continuous monitoring of actual partial pressures with time and for maximum effectiveness requires real-time computer processing by the diver’s decompression computer.

The Canary Islands are one of the best scuba diving spots in Europe because of their warm crystal water and variety of marine life. There are hundreds of sites to choose from where you can see wrecks, volcanic boulders and sea arches.

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