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Tinder This global mobile app became all the rage among somethings in Sweden in , as well as travellers looking for some holiday fun. This is a no-nonsense app for efficient, fast-moving singles. Simply swipe right “ja” if someone takes your fancy or left for no “nej”. It’s also gained a bit of a reputation as a hook-up site, so if you’re looking for something more serious it’s perhaps best to read on. OKCupid This site is perfect for those of you who love to take magazine quizzes and questionnaires. It uses a maths-based matching system to pair you with compatible dates based on your responses to questions.

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There seems little call to have a modern luni-solar calendar, which keeps track of both the seasons and the Moon. Surviving luni-solar calendars, the Jewish and the Chinese , are now used mainly for ritual purposes. On the other hand, the tides are strongly affected by the phases of the moon, and sailors and fishermen may keep in mind that the tides are the strongest at the New and Full Moons. At the same time, as ancient people were certainly aware, the lunar month matched up closely with the menses of women.

The sort of feminists who wish to valorize the feminine certainly highlight the affinity of the feminine to the Moon; but I have never met any women who actually paid any attention to lunar calendar months — although female calendar buffs cannot fail but be aware of them.

The Jiroft artifacts, which were delivered to the Iranian embassy in London last week, have been returned to Iran. London Court of Appeal made a ruling last Thursday that the city’s Barakat Gallery must return Iran’s historical artifacts smuggled from the ancient site of Jiroft.

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Early Life[ edit ] As a twelve-year-old living in Canada, Karimloo decided to become a performer. Originally, he did not want to see the musical, but a hockey game instead, as the musical was for a class trip. He fell in love with Phantom and knew he would be performing until he got the title role. Career[ edit ] After moving to England , his first role was in a pantomime of Aladdin in Chatham , in which he played the title role. Following this, he went on to join the UK national tour of The Pirates of Penzance playing the role of a Police Officer, as well as understudying the Pirate King in He took over the role of the Pirate King in in Bath, England.

Nov 03,  · Fowzi Nejad, who was the only surving terrorist to take part in the Iranian Embassy siege of Fowzi is now a free man and is living in a safe house in London.

Share ‘Do not break their pride and [you must] be more sensitive toward them’ During another speech, the ayatollah explain that it is not a sin for a man to think about another woman while he is having sex with his partner, but if she becomes pregnant as a result the child will be gay. Incorrectly wearing the hijab, Dehnavi also warns, could lead to some men becoming homosexual.

Hundreds of women attend the lectures and speeches of the Muslim cleric, whose is also regularly shown on state TV The statements, thought to have been made in and , came to light after being shared by Gay Star News this week. Homosexual acts are punishable by death in Iran, with gay and lesbian people forced to hide their sexuality. Lesbians faced being whipped times, but sex between two women can also lead to the death penalty if the act is committed four times.

Following his teachings, Dehavni says, will ultimately lead to ‘peace on earth’. In another speech he controversially suggested that women should always be sexually available for their husbands Men become ‘saturated’ if they have too much sex, Dehavni warns – suggesting becoming intimate once or twice a week is enough.

Mohammad Shafia who ‘murdered daughter in honour killing said he’d do the same again’

Let your friends know about it! Iranian Chat Room Rules: This free Iranian chatroom is for entertainment purposes only, so please do not post personal information and do not engage in unlawful conduct.

() escorts, fifty-seven (sixtyseven) in hunting flotillas, twenty-one German ships) and the two lightly-armoured Renowns, with Hood due to complete in Under the deal struck with Persia (Iran), the Admiralty had access to the Persian A merchant anywhere in the world could accept a bill ‘on London’ in.

Iranian protesters chant slogans at a rally in Tehran, Iran. Ebrahim Noroozi Political protests are rare in Iran, where security services are pervasive. And yet tens of thousands of people have protested across the country since Thursday. The demonstrations are the biggest since unrest in that followed the disputed re-election of then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They began in Iran’s second city of Mashhad in the northeast on Thursday and spread to Tehran and other urban centres.

Iranians vented their anger over a sharp increase in prices of basic items like eggs, and a government proposal to increase fuel prices in next year’s budget. Some protesters also vented their rage over high unemployment and savings that were lost after investments in unlicensed credit and financial institutions turned sour. The demonstrations, initially focused on economic hardships and alleged corruption, turned into political rallies.

History of Iran

The first half of the century, the age of the World Wars and the start of the Cold War , was dominated by the rivalries of those powers. The second half saw the replacement, largely through the agency of those wars, of the European state system by a world system with many centres of both power and discord. This article provides a single integrated narrative of the changing context of world politics, from the outbreak of World War I to the s.

The roots of World War I , — Forty-three years of peace among the great powers of Europe came to an end in , when an act of political terrorism provoked two great alliance systems into mortal combat. The South Slav campaign against Austrian rule in Bosnia, culminating in the assassination of the Habsburg heir apparent at Sarajevo , was the spark.

Iranian Hotline is a non-religious and non-political Iranian-American Resource Guide. Our mission is providing and broadcasting the Iranian American events & community news, and promoting businesses. is the only credible Iranian-American Information & Connection Center .

They have a ponderous air, suggesting a chronicle addressed to posterity, rather than a system meant for everyday use. No year is mentioned in them, and, though the months are named see EIr. By the time of the earliest dated Middle Iranian documents, the Parthian ostraca from Nisa of the 1st century B. The same form is found in a Parthian parchment sale contract from Avroman q. In the only surviving dated Parthian inscription, actually of the Sasanian period, the month appears before the year, as in the accompanying Middle Persian version: Similar formulas are found in late Middle Persian documents, particularly ostraca of the 6th century from Persia and papyri from Egypt, the latter datable to the short Sasanian occupation from to C.

In literary texts of Manichean origin, in both Parthian and Middle Persian, a more elaborate expression of dates is found; it is reminiscent of the Old Persian style, owing to the use of the word saxt “passed” corresponding to Old Pers. From the earliest records in Sogdian beginning of the 4th century C. When dating by the regnal years of local rulers the Sogdians used another style, however.

Similar formulations are found in several of the documents from Mount Mug, in which the Sogdian names of the months and days are also used EIr. In Khotanese Saka dates are generally expressed in numerals, though the months are often named EIr. Cambridge, ; V, Cambridge, , repr. Cambridge, ; VI, Cambridge,

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Waves of new immigrants came to the United States with new values, norms, languages, and religions quite different from the ones in the past Ungar, As has been the case, the older immigrants have always worried about the economic, political, and social impacts of the newcomers. The demographic, occupational, and educational characters of the new immigrants have generated new patterns of immigrant settlement, occupational mobility, and adaptation. These new patterns, along with the increasing cultural pluralism and multicultural developments, have generated new concerns about the wider and deeper impacts of immigration on the American population, namely male-female, parent-child, and family-society relationships Sowell,

Most of these women consider Iranian society traditional with regard to sex, dating, marriage, divorce, and gender relationships. Most espouse liberal attitudes of gender relationships, sexuality, and female status in the society.

Funny, you don’t look Jewish? He feels vulnerable in a radical Shia society. The Iranian leader has not denied his name was changed when his family moved to Tehran in the s. But he has never revealed what it was changed from or directly addressed the reason for the switch. Relatives have previously said a mixture of religious reasons and economic pressures forced his blacksmith father Ahmad to change when Mr Ahmadinejad was aged four.

The Iranian president grew up to be a qualified engineer with a doctorate in traffic management. He served in the Revolutionary Guards militia before going on to make his name in hardline politics in the capital. During this year’s presidential debate on television he was goaded to admit that his name had changed but he ignored the jibe. However Mehdi Khazali, an internet blogger, who called for an investigation of Mr Ahmadinejad’s roots was arrested this summer.

Mr Ahmadinejad has regularly levelled bitter criticism at Israel, questioned its right to exist and denied the Holocaust. British diplomats walked out of a UN meeting last month after the Iranian president denounced Israel’s ‘genocide, barbarism and racism. What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations.

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We fought them once regarding high taxes and a desire for our own self government. Jason Lamson I upvoted you for your efforts and will review your points. I was looking for citations from reputable sources, however, not just a fuller statement of claims. Is this another double agent? It is also years ago.

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Iranian oil tanker sinks after burning for more than a week

Confused and need advice- Older U. Department of State from the mid s until distributed a document titled ” Marriage to Saudis ,” offering straight-talking advice to American women contemplating tying the knot with Saudi men. As Martin Kramer describes what he calls “a minor classic by an anonymous diplomat”: It is remarkable for its undiplomatic and anecdotal tone, so distant from the department’s standard bureaucratic style.

For prospective spouses, “Marriage to Saudis” constituted an official tutorial in Saudi culture; for others, it served as a fascinating example of practical anthropology, school of hard knocks. Here is a choice excerpt:

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No one seems to know exactly what brexit will mean yet. The country is planning on leaving the EU in , not much will change before then. For the best up to date advice about these issues I would recommend the brilliant Facebook group UK Citizenship European Nationals where you can find tons of advice about staying in the UK as an EU national. I try to keep the guide as updated as possible, the last update was April They can be found here.

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