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These modern science fiction stories all use directed energy weapons to defeat their enemies in order to save the world — or destroy it in the case of War of the Worlds. Our education on directed energy capabilities comes from these and other science fiction novels with their heroes and villains using lasers, radio frequency RF , and electromagnetic pulse EMP weapons systems to win the battle.

What is directed energy and why do authors like to use it in their science fiction stories about good versus evil? Directed energy weapons offer speed-of-light delivery — times faster than sound. If confusing the enemy is required, he would use an RF signal to scramble the electronics — making the gages go squirrelly. In the lab, we are working on both of these effects.

This is key to Doc Love’s teachings, and he’s amassed his findings in a book called The System – The Dating Dictionary. Doc has sent me a free copy for review, let me tell you, it is an eye-opener!

To be notified of alleged facts and evidence supporting the charge s at least five 5 days prior to any scheduled disciplinary hearing. To examine evidence the university has concerning the incident. To receive notice of any witnesses the university plans to call to testify at the hearing. To participate in a fact finding hearing with an impartial hearing officer: A student party to the proceedings may challenge the impartiality of a designated hearing or appeal officer.

The challenged hearing or appeal officer may elect voluntary recusal. If the challenged official does not voluntarily recuse, the Chief Judicial Officer shall determine the validity of the challenge and if applicable, appoint an alternate hearing officer. To call witnesses to present relevant testimony on behalf of the student, as determined by Hearing Officer. To question witnesses who are called to present testimony in support of the charge s. The right to appeal the decision of the disciplinary Hearing Officer to a higher authority.

If a student exercises the right to not testify or chooses to not participate at all in the proceedings, the Hearing Officer may choose to proceed based upon the evidence gathered from other sources.

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This will be the th contest between the schools, the Aggies have won seven straight against UTEP dating back to Nov. This will be game one of a two-game series against the Aggies. The next matchup will be on Wednesday, Nov. In addition, freshmen forward Kaosi Ezeagu came off the bench and was a spark plug defensively and offensively. The trio combined for 39 points, the second-most combined points ever by UTEP freshmen in a season opener since

Mar 01,  · Math Snacks are short animations and mini-games designed to present mathematics in a very different way. In fact, we hope these snacks don’t look like .

In addition to surface water quality monitoring throughout the Navajo Nation, he focusses primarily on addressing impacts from past uranium mining and milling, oil and gas spills, road and pipeline crossings, and illegal dumping of solid waste in waterways. Her undergraduate degree in earth and planetary sciences is from the University of New Mexico.

Johanna is well versed in analytical inorganic chemistry, natural and anthropogenic metals, and mining related mobility of elements such as arsenic, uranium, lead, and chromium. She combines her love of geology, geomorphology, and geochemistry to understand complex environmental systems. Jeb works on a variety of issues related to fate and transport of fluvial sediment.

His research has focused on streams with high suspended-sediment concentrations, developing innovative surrogate methods for monitoring sediment in shifting sand channels, and integrating biological and chemical studies with sediment transport. Since coming to New Mexico Tech in , he and his students have investigated post-fire ash and char mobility, burn scar water yields, aeolian transport of uranium contamination, interactions between channel evolution and riparian vegetation establishment, groundwater recharge through vegetated soils, and sediment yields from ephemeral washes.

Currently, Kim is the CEO of San Juan County and has over 28 years of public service as an employee in higher education and local government. Her research focuses on understanding, tools, and predictions of watershed hydrology, unsaturated flow in arid environments, and how natural and human disturbances impact water resources.


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[email protected] 62nd Annual New Mexico Water Conference. Brackish Groundwater Source for Desalination. Dissolved noble gas isotopes to supplement traditional age dating fills a middle age range gap. Brief Summary. Brackish may be developed to support water resources in NM.

Biochar for Desalination Concentrate Management Disposal of concentrate from brackish water desalination is limited by concerns of salt leaching into fresh water sources. Prevention of salt leaching can greatly increase desalination concentrate management costs and there are few options to recover those costs.

One cost-recovery option for desalination concentrate disposal is using the concentrate as irrigation water for producing halophyte biomass for forage and for other applications. The purpose of this project is to determine how much of the salt taken up by the halophyte crops can be protected from leaching by pyrolysis of the harvested biomass. The ability to sequester salt in biochar would decrease the negative impacts from land-applications of high-salinity materials, including those used in desalination concentrate management systems.

Results from this research on two species of Atriplex, halophyte forage shrubs native to the Southwest, show that salts taken up in the biomass are concentrated into the biochars during pyrolysis and that pyrolysis conditions affect the amount of salt that can be leached with water. Increasing pyrolysis temperature increases the retention of calcium and magnesium ions but gives less consistent trends for the retention of potassium and sodium.

Game Thoughts vs. NMSU.

But is that enough to traverse the pitfalls of dating and is it enough to keep women interested and happy? And come to think of it, what actually does make woman happy? Can anyone on planet earth really understand women? What is The System? Over a span of 40 years, Doc Love has interviewed over 10, women and asked them honest and direct questions about what it is that keeps them around certain men and what makes them leave other men.

Doc has sent me a free copy for review, let me tell you, it is an eye-opener!

Dissolved noble gas isotopes to supplement traditional age dating fills a middle age range gap. Isotope and chemical tracer groundwater age dating ranges (adapted from IAEA, ) • The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation cooperative agreement with NMSU & WRRI Some additional support has been provided by: • NMSU Ag. Experiment Station & USDA.

What types of desktop technology does TSS support? Our TSS staff has nearly 60 years of combined experience in small computer systems support, with experience dating back to the DOS and early Windows days. We also have several Apple Mac certified technicians on staff. If it fits on a desk, we have probably worked on it and will happily do so again.

To put in a work order, go to http: Does TSS provide service on non-desktop computer hardware printers, scanners, etc. TSS can offer limited support on laser printers including network configuration, maintenance and repair. We will also support most forms of technology that can be attached to a computer.

Archivo General de Notarías de Durango, Mexico

In a follow-up letter to an April 21 notification notifying system users of arsenic problems sent per Safe Drinking Water Act regulations , CRUUA Executive Director Brent Westmoreland listed water sample test results that showed a consistent pattern of arsenic violations from February to April The Dallas office of the U. The EPA underscored that quarterly samples are required at four sites.

Internet usage has soared in 21st century Mexico, but few Mexicans employ the service to conduct financial transactions. On the eve of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, May 17, Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI) released data on patterns and trends in Internet usage in the United State’s southern neighbor.

Internet Trends in Mexico By Administrator Published May 17, Internet usage has soared in 21st century Mexico, but few Mexicans employ the service to conduct financial transactions. According to the government agency, the number of Mexicans who use the Internet at least on a monthly basis jumped from 7. Of the population more than six years of age, 40 percent now navigates cyberspace, the INEGI reported.

Not surprisingly, Mexican Internet users tend to be young, with 76 percent of them, or 31 million people, under the age of Children aged 6 to 11 are also big cybernauts, with 4. In , about one-quarter of all Mexican households were connected to the Internet, even though the percentage of homes with computers was higher at Nearly sixty percent of people with home computers but no Internet access attributed the situation to a lack of financial resources.

Unlike the United States, many people still rely on commercial Internet cafes to carry out their computer-related tasks. On a broader international scale, Mexico is at the bottom of the list of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD member states for household Internet access, falling behind countries like Turkey and Poland.

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This will be the first game between the two schools since New Mexico State is heading to a bowl game for the first time since The teams define average with each going overall and in respective conference play during the regular season, but their storylines are not mediocre. None other than Utah State, which lost The Aggies and Aggies meet again in the regular season, on Sept.

NMSU Department of History Newsletter Spring Dunhuang) dating back over 1, years and showing evidence of a mixing of cultures As an NMSU graduate (B.A.-Philosophy) it has been a pleasure and privilege to teach in my hometown (part of the first Mayfield High School.

Gone in the desert wind are the towering smokestacks of the old American Smelter and Refining Company Asarco of El Paso, blasted into the history books as part of an environmental remediation spearheaded by California-based Project Navigator. They put up with sulfuric odors and clouds of emissions from the smelting of lead, copper and other materials. But early on the morning of last April 13, it was fiesta time in the working-class colonia. The Juarez resident blamed the demolition for eye problems her two year-old grandchild developed the next day, resulting in a visit to a doctor who prescribed medicine for 15 days.

In El Paso, where groups of friends also gathered to toast the destruction of the stacks, a dust cloud soon obscured the hip Sunset Heights neighborhood, set on high ground above the former Asarco plant. Photos later posted on Facebook depicted the stacks crashing down and kicking up the dust and haze that subsequently crept across the borderland. The Asarco Custodial Trustee declared the demolition a success, posting on its website the preliminary results of air monitoring that showed almost all the emissions from the blast were well within air quality standards in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.

Seemingly, Asarco was now just a memory from a fading industrial era. The April 13 demolition and issues surrounding it even dominated a lengthy meeting this month in El Paso of the Joint Advisory Committee for the Improvement of Air Quality Paso del Norte JAC , a binational advisory body made up of governmental, academic and civil society representatives from the U. Marshaling an impressive array of slides and statistics, the demolition contractors from the ERM Group explained in detail how they cleaned and prepared the site, laid plans to safeguard the public and successfully obliterated the two stacks.

Stressing how they coordinated with Mexican and U. No pollutants from chemical weapons or radioactive materials were detected in the demolition testing, they said. Puga then pledged that a final report on April 13 would be forthcoming.

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By Winchester Wolverine — January 23rd, at 3: I’ve lurked on this blog for years and yet I still have a burning question that can only be answered by the likes of this board. When I was young and growing up in southwest Ohio, I was surrounded by sameness.

Origin of Life prebiotic – before life autocatalysis – a reaction in which the products of the reaction relative dating. relative measures of geological time superposition, indicator fossils, magnetic reversals absolute measure of geological time radioisotopic decay (probablistic).

We improved tonight, in fact we are improving every week, but we just shoot ourselves in the foot way too much! Locksley also played his best game and finally showed the potential that makes me feel more confident that he can truly play QB at this level. That is a positive change for our offense. That needs to end and the self-inflicted wounds need to stop. Hard to blame the ccoaches for our RB fumbled on first and goal, or our CB not tackling a guy on 3rd and 3 then he slips and runs for a TD, or our QB fumbling and having it also returned for a long TD, but this losing culture of finding ways to lose needs to change.

Plus we are not good enough yet to overcome these tye of errors. He is just not making plays to help us, like a Senior should. They need to recruit, which they appear to be doing, but I am seriously feeling better about Dimel at this moment. My question is why was Canales not smart enough to throw this same play below that he used against NAU for a TD, in any of those 3rd down situations tonight?

Just flare Wadley out, simply get him outside the blitzing LB, get him in open space with a 1on1 verse the safety and you would probably have the same result as below.

New Mexico State set to end bowl drought vs. Utah State

Lawrence University and six years at the University of Florida. Research Illuminated space all collects around a mind which possesses it. In other words, I am interested in creating sites that are imbued with political potential for exchange and modification. Teaching Philosophy My approach to pedagogy is rooted in the philosophy of exchange, rather than in the privileged voice of the singular speaker. As such, I see my role in the classroom as a facilitator of heterogenous strategies for understanding not only contemporary sites of knowledge, but of the structures that underpin the transmission of those sites.

This philosophy of exchange in relation to production derives not only from contemporary theorists like Jacques Ranciere or Nicolas Bourriaud, but from the location of the contemporary photographic image as an interface which facilitates and structures the social.

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Rittenhouse, a prominent Western American book dealer, proposed this project while president of the Historical Society of New Mexico. He was concerned that no readily available photographs exist for many significant sites and structures. More than places in New Mexico have been identified as candidates for photographic documentation. These include ghost towns, mining camps, forts, Indian ruins, and every place that ever had a post office.

Rittenhouse made black and white photographs of many, but not all, of the locations. Yeo Photographs The Herbert W. Yeo Photographs are a part of the Herbert W. Yeo was an engineer on the Rio Grande Project; involved in the investigation and irrigation portions of the Elephant Butte Dam and Reservoir construction.

NMSU Welcome Back Concert- Fall 2017 ft. MADEINTYO